Buzdar regrets Opposition’s negative politics


Staff Reporter


Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, while regretting the negative politics of the opposition, has said that the nation rejects the politics of chaos and anarchy. He said that unfortunately, 11 opposition parties have also made the coronavirus a partner and becoming the cause of spreading this virus speedily.
The Chief Minister in his statement said that on the one side where the number of corona patients is increasing in the hospitals and deaths toll are rising, on the other side, the opposition is worried about the completion of their negative agenda.
The opposition is pushing the nation towards Coronavirus just to protect the virus of their corruption. Opposition’s rallies have no agenda but to get the files of its corruption cases closed. He said that the opposition should keep this in their mind that their rallies and public meeting may increase the ratio of coronavirus but their desire to get NRO cannot be granted/fulfilled. Lawbreaker will face the legal proceedings, he warned.
Usman Buzdar asked how those who built the towers of corruption are holding public meeting at Minar-e-Pakistan. The gathering of looters and plunderers under the sacred place of Minar-e-Pakistan has no value. Opposition should know that people have discarded them. He said that neither the opposition has any vision not it cares about the people.
The government is taking initiatives for the welfare of the people. Action will be taken according to law on the meeting. He said that PDM will always be remember for “Corruption Bachaoo or Corona Philaoo” agenda. The people are fully aware about the negative politics of the PDM therefore its every public meeting is turning into great failure. Defeat was, and will always be the faith/destiny of the PDM, he concluded.
Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar while taking notice of the blast near Thana Ganj Mandi Rawalpindi has sought a report from RPO Rawalpindi and directed to investigate the incident. Usman Buzdar said that responsible of the incident should be determined at the earliest and bring to justice. He directed the administration to provide best treatment facilities to the injured.