Business partner hired hitmen to murder realtor’s son


The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) has resolved the murder case of a youth named Raza Zulfiqar in Karachi and revealed that a business partner had hired hitmen to kill the real estate dealer’s son.

The CTD said in a media statement that two armed men had murdered Raza Zulfiqar, the son of a real estate dealer named Zulfiqar Ali, in the vicinity of Karachi’s Al-Falah Korangi police station by opening fire on his vehicle.

During the interrogation, it emerged that a business partner named Rao Iqbal of the slain youth’s father had hired target killers to kill Raza Zulfiqar.

It was learnt that slain Raza Zulfiqar had become aware of the financial fraud of his father’s business partner Rao Iqbal and informed his father.

After being aware of the development, Rao Iqbal had hired hitmen with the assistance of a close aide Hafeez to murder the business partner’s son, said CTD officials.


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