Bushra Ansari gets the COVID-19 jab in her signature quirky mood


Ever since the government of Pakistan started vaccinating the elderly, people have been pouring in to get themselves inoculated. However, a plethora of conspiracies regarding the COVID-19 vaccine has been circulating around. As much as the government is trying to create awareness these conspiracy theories never fail to make an impression on the common man. Hence, it is important to implore people who are reluctant to get themselves vaccinated and public figures can serve as the best influence.

Bushra Ansari felt the need for it and decided to inspire people by becoming an example herself. The Veteran actor has been known for her idiosyncratic gestures. The acting maestro always makes sure to bring out her quirky self whether it’s a TVC, an interview or a random video on her Instagram. Ansari posted a video of herself by giving out a gentle message on the importance of vaccine. However, she added her own flavor to the short clip to not make it sound preachy.



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We appreciate the people who are making a conscious effort to not only make themselves immune to COVID-19 by getting the jab but also by making sure they are protecting others around them.

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