PM Imran Khan to inaugurate Islamabad Security Dialogue today


Prime Minister Imran Khan will attend the opening session of the Islamabad Security Dialogue today as the Chief Guest. Prime Minister will also unveil the National Security Division’s Advice Portal.
Dr. Moeed Yousaf, SAPM for National Security, will brief the Prime Minister on a two-day Dialogue.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will give the inaugural speech of the Islamabad Security Dialogue. The National Security Division and Think-tanks comprising the Advisory Board of the National Security Committee are hosting an Islamabad Security Dialogue on the 17th and 18th of March at Pakistan’s National Library in Islamabad.

The Prime Minister will also discuss Pakistan’s holistic national security vision, which is focused on conventional and non-traditional security pillars, as well as his vision for economic development and human welfare.

The Islamabad Security Dialogue is planned to be an annual flagship security conference modeled after major security and foreign policy dialogues. The National Security Division has taken this initiative in partnership with leading think tanks on its advisory board to establish a forum for strategic thought and robust analytical dialogue on some of Pakistan’s and the region’s most pressing problems and opportunities.

The discussion will address current regional security issues and prospects, as well as Pakistan’s economic security model and main national policy contours that will form a more stable and sustainable Pakistan.

The aim is to proactively change the discourse about Pakistan’s position and potential as an economic melting pot and a responsible collaborator in the area and global world order by addressing a national and international audience.

Global thinkers and academics, representatives of the Federal Cabinet, diplomatic corps, retired government leaders, academia, think-tanks, and civil society members will practically join the two-day gathering.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will also unveil the National Security Division’s first-of-its-kind advice portal, which will include think tanks and academics in policymaking.

The advice portal will be a dedicated and interconnected forum where major think tanks and universities focused on national security concerns will exchange policy suggestions with the NSD directly.

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