Burdens of past; political immaturity & incompetency


Wasim Khokhar

NO nation can progress if it has legacy of past burdens and furtherthe situation will be more aggravated due to incompetency and political immaturity of political elite. Currently, Pakistan has been facing host of issues among key are economic and political.The incumbent government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf(PTI) came into power with the slogans of “Naya Pakistan” (New Pakistan) and “Tabdeeli” (Change).
These slogans cover almost all aspects of their agenda for establishing “Riyasat-e-Madina” (Islamic State of Madina), which is the true concept of Islamic welfare state that leaders fulfill the commitments and promises made to the people. Politicians do have political opponents and one cannot deny the differences among them. However, these differences should not let go unbridled that lead to political chaos in the country. As political instability at domestic level is one of the major hindrances in the way of development, progress and sustainable growth.
No one denies the accountability and the changes PTI led government intends to bring in the country. But keeping in view the domestic ground realities and structural impediments, the present government of PTI should take decisions wisely with political maturity. As anything would happen ultimately the nation will have to pay the price. Firstly, the government must be clear about agenda and its targets for smooth functioning of government affairs as no country can excel in the comity of nations until it has sound economy and political stability. Therefore for sound economy there must be political stability which is linked to smooth functioning of the government machinery. Secondly, the question arises why PTI government has been facing mess in its all affairs and lacking vivid polices?
Not only the commoners but also experts and analysts are unable to understand the policies of the government due to ambiguity in these policies. In my view, Prime Minister Imran Khan should understand the high expectations of people on government. The promises of PTI made during election campaign could only be met if there would be peace at domestic level. Thirdly, at present, PTI-led government should show political maturity despite providing an opportunity to the opposition parties to create political instability in country which is not in any way in favour of the Govt. Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet should fully pay attention on economic reforms by setting aside political differences with opponents for some time.
Fourthly, as the government is about to complete its first year of five years tenure but still the picture is obscure in terms of its policies and directions. More time, at least a period of three years with full dedication should be spent of economy and structural reforms which are need of an hour and by the time yield positive results. Structural reforms are key to sustainable growth and has long term effects. The reforms process be more effective by following evolutionary process including in accountability. It needs to revisit the key sectors of economic engine by prioritizing the agenda of people centric programmes. Finally, in my view, government should abstain from blame-game politics of the past rather focusing on performance and futuristic long term policies which would surely yield positive results.
—The writer is Islamabad based journalist and PhD scholar at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.