Bumper wheat crop likely this year

Govt increases wheat support price to Rs1,800/40kg

The country looks likely to harvest a bumper wheat crop this year, as 19.6 million tons was being anticipated this season as comparing to last years’ 19.4 million tons.

An official of the Provincial Agricultural Department while talking to APP said the procurement in Punjab has already been started.

He said the farmers of Punjab would earn extra bucks as the Punjab government had increased minimum support price for wheat to Rs.1800 from Rs.1400.

The official remarked that it was the first time in the history of the country that the government had enhanced minimum support price for wheat by Rs.400 per 40kg in a year.Meanwhile, wheat growers from different districts of the Punjab were reporting a good crop, with yield up to 50 to 60 maund per acre.

A prominent farmer from Bahawalpur told APP that Punjab would harvest a better crop as compared to the last year.—APP

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