Buffalo shooting: Biden says ‘White supremacy is a poison’

Buffalo shooting

New York: During a visit to Buffalo, New York, US President Joe Biden condemned white supremacy as “a poison flowing through our body politic.”

Ten black persons were killed at a supermarket in New York on Saturday – Buffalo shooting – which is thought to be racially motivated hate murder.

In a document uploaded online, the suspect who is 18 years old, declared himself a fascist and white nationalist.

Condemning the action carried out by the boy on Tuesday, President Joe Biden stated the young man belonged to a “hateful minority.”

He praised the victims for their “individual lives of love, service, and community that speak to the larger tale of who we are as Americans” after meeting families who had been affected by the massacre.

“White supremacy will not win,” he declared.

According to local officials, the attacker drove more than 320 kilometres (200 miles) to find a black-dominated region. Investigators of the Buffalo shooting believe he would have continued to target other such areas if he hadn’t been stopped.

He used conspiracy theories like “white genocide” and “white replacement” to explain his hatred of minority groups in his so-called manifesto. He also labelled himself as a member of the “authoritarian left” in the meandering screed.

The president accused the shooter of giving into “a hateful, perverse ideology rooted in fear and racism”.

He warned that America’s democracy was “in peril as it hasn’t been in my lifetime,” referring to the deadly far-right extremist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, which he claims prompted him to seek office again.

“Hate and fear have been given too much oxygen by those who pretend to love America but don’t understand America,” Mr Biden said.

“I call on all Americans to reject the lie, and I condemn those who spread the lie for power, political gain and profit. We are unable to remain silent.”

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