Bribery of traffic cops spoils young students: Altaf


Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has said that open bribery practices of traffic cops is spoiling the minds of young school going children who witness this menace while going school and returning back daily.

He said hundreds of thousands of young students leave for their schools in school vans and public and private vehicles daily and many of them see traffic cops stopping bikers, car and truck drivers and extorting bribes from them in front of passing traffic. He asked what kind of moral training we are providing to our young generation. He asked when these children see policemen taking bribes on roads they would respect police and law system when they grow up.

Altaf Shakoor said corruption and bribery is wrecking havoc on very basic fabric of our society as this menace is present in our society from top to bottom. He said sadly the police and lower judiciary are the most corrupt government departments of Pakistan. He said today when our economy is documented high spending and lavish living style of corrupt low salaried government officials could even be seen by a blind, but no action is being taken against them as the departments that are entasked to take action against them are filthy corrupt, themselves.

He asked what kind of moral training we are giving to our children when they see blatant corruption in streets on daily basis with their own eyes. He said today with help of modern technological gadgets like surveillance cameras these corrupt traffic cops looting citizens could easily be detected but the million dollar question is who would bell the cat.