Bohemian, Bazaar for handmade items held


Bohemian, the Bazaar for Handmade held, was a culmination of efforts by the local craft community. Hosted by Firefly under The Crafter’s Guild, the event made its mark as a pre-Ramadan and Eid festive bazaar catering to over 85 craft based businesses with support from the craft community.

The participants included organizations working with special needs individuals, artisans from Bhitshah, young creatives, home chefs, artisans from Balochistan represented by the folk singer, Akhtar Chennal Zehri, and countless women led businesses.
The event was also abuzz with collaborators for Ramadan inspired activities i

ncluding crafts to engage children and celebrate the onset of the sacred month. Revenue generated from such is diverted toward Ramadan initiatives as Smile Sunshine (Firefly’s Social Cause) to uplift the Ramadan Dastarkhuan meal distribution and to cater to ration distribution. Contributors to this include sponsors the likes of Zaamin – Nisa, Spar, and Magnus Communications.While the event is a regular feature every spring, its impact on the community has been immense particularly for Smile Sunshine.

With focus on a clothes drive, and extending support to countless creatives across the city, Bohemian has set the pace for the very best time of the year and bringing together families in full festive spirit. Regardless the direction current circumstances of the country, it’s political and economic uncertainty narrate, the maker community is surely a force to be reckoned with in the spirit of Happiness is Handmade.