Bodla breaks Indian’s record


Pakistan’s promising martial artist Ahmed Amin Bodla broke another world record of an Indian in martial arts on Wednesday.

Ahmed Bodla set a new world record by lifting 20 pounds on one leg and doing 39 push-ups in 30 seconds simultaneously.

Bodla broke the record of Indian athlete Raj Bhandra who di 31 pushes in 30 seconds by lifting 20 pounds in March this year.

Ahmed Amin Bodla completed 39 push-ups in record 30 seconds with one leg. It is reported that he is ranked at number one in the Guinness Book of World Records in this pushups category.

He also holds the record for the longest somersault record and he has also lifted 100 pounds weight and holds a record of 355 kicks per minute, 100 in three minutes and 6,970 kicks per hour. —INP

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