BoAJK provides loans of Rs. 3.36b to customers



The Bank of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (BoAJK) has provided loans of Rs. 3.36 billion to customers under different special credit schemes designed for the Socio- Economic development of the state.

One year back on September 2021, the Bank provided Rs. 3.05 billion and on September 2020 Rs. 2.45 billion to customers, spokesperson of the Bank of AJK said while issuing a handout here on Monday.

Earlier, the bank provided loans of 2.20 billion rupees till September 2019 to promote business activities in the state, the bank has provided loans worth one billion rupees to customers from 2019 to September 2022.

The spokesperson of the bank, observed that under the supervision of President and Chief Executive Officer of the financial institution.

Khawar Saeed, and in line with the vision of the Government of Azad Kashmir, more than a dozen loan products, based on very low markup and easy installments were launched for the convenience of customers.

The products include the best and attractive schemes of commercial and consumer loans such as Advance Salary, Tourism Development, Healthcare.—AFP

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