Bloodbath in IOK


IN his candid and impressive speech at the UN General Assembly on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had warned that there would be bloodbath in occupied Kashmir once India lifts its restrictions in the Valley, which have been in force since Modi revoked the region’s decades old autonomy back in August. However killing of six more Kashmiris by Indian security forces during the ongoing curfew and search operations in Ganderbal and Ramban districts imply that bloodbath and massacre of innocent Kashmiris has already started.
The situation is going to further deteriorate in days ahead as those locked up in their homes will not wait for lifting of curfew by the Indian authorities. They definitely will come out of their homes to express their resentment and anger over massive Indian oppression. Then how Indian authorities can shut Kashmiri families whose boys have been picked up by Indian forces and detained in unknown locations, many of them in Indian prisons. The voice of Kashmiri people cannot be suppressed or choked through use of force. This has been proved by Kashmiri people through their resolve and commitment over last seven decades, and they stay as firm as ever before. It will be better for the Indian government to reconsider its regressive policy towards Kashmir before it is too late and the situation spirals out of its control.
While it is heartening to note that the US has started asking India to lift restrictions in occupied Kashmir, it must also understand that with the presence of nine hundred thousand Indian troops in the Valley, the process of blatant human rights violations and abuses will not stop. Therefore these troops must also go back to avert any tragedy. And we must stick to the policy of no talks with India unless it lifts restrictions and restores special status of the territory.

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