Blood screening mandatory for jail inmates


Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Rubaba Khan Buledi on Tuesday said as per guidelines of the Federal Shariat Court, under the revised prison rules, blood screening of every prisoner before entering the jail had been made mandatory.

“There are testing laboratories in two jails of Balochistan including Quetta and Machh, however, laboratories are yet to be set up in 9 other jails of the province,” said Dr Buledi while talking to Inspector General Jail Malik Shuja Hussain Kasi

She deplored that the old prison laws needed to be changed in line with the latest requirement as Bangali is included but Balochi and Brahui languages are not included in the curriculum in the Jail Manual.

“In 90% of the countries of the world, the old concept of prisons and barracks has been replaced by institutions of social reform and moral correctness under the human rights and justice system in which prisoners are imparted skills,” she noted.


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