Bleated Kashmir by India


Muhammad Nadeem Bhatti

WAR is a state of armed conflict between nations, governments, societies and informal paramilitary groups, such as mercenaries, insurgents and militias. It is generally characterized by extreme violence, aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular military forces. While some scholars see war as a universal and ancestral aspect of human nature, others argue it is a result of specific socio-cultural, economic, or ecological circumstances.
But for Every person, it is said that war is not beneficent for any nation. Although war is now pretty much dependant on latest technology or weapons or warheads. Still winning a war totally depends on nation and their passions. Weapon can be classified in many ways, like guns, Tanks and different furious kind of bombs. One of them is cluster bomb. Which recently India has used in Neelam valley on innocent kashmiris.
Cluster munitions are prohibited for those nations that ratify the Convention on Cluster Munitions, adopted in Dublin, Ireland in May 2008. The Convention entered into force and became binding international law upon ratifying states on 1 August 2010, six months after being ratified by 30 states. As of 1 April 2018, a total of 120 states have joined the Convention, as 103 States parties and 17 Signatories. India breached international humanitarian laws by using “cluster munitions” in the latest cross-border skirmishes in Kashmir, the weapons killed at least two civilians and injured 11 others on the Pakistani side of the divided region.
Because of severe impact on non-combatants, use of cluster ammunition is prohibited under Convention on Cluster Ammunition. This blatant Indian aggression against all international norms exposes the true character of the Indian Army and their moral standing. This incident happened a day after India again rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s offer to mediate the Kashmir dispute between the two nuclear-armed countries. The President of United States Mr Donald Trump urged India to engage in discussion with those affected by its decision to revoke Kashmir’s special status but also noted that New Delhi describes this action as an internal matter. Although Donald Trump was trying his best to play a vital role to resolve the matter. But all in vain.
A cluster munitions is a form of air-dropped or ground-launched explosive weapon that releases or ejects smaller sub munitions. Commonly, this is a cluster bomb that ejects explosive bomblets that are designed to kill personnel and destroy vehicles. Other cluster munitions are designed to destroy runways or electric power transmission lines, disperse chemical or biological weapons, or to scatter land mines. Some submunition-based weapons can disperse non-munitions, because cluster bombs release many small bomblets over a wide area, they pose risks to civilians both during attacks and afterwards. Unexploded bomblets can kill or maim civilians and/or unintended targets long after a conflict has ended, and are costly to locate and remove.
Indian Army using cluster ammunition along LoC deliberately targeting Civilian population is a violation of the Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law. The Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols are international treaties that contain the most important rules limiting the barbarity of war. They protect people who do not take part in the fighting (civilians, medics, aid workers) and those who can no longer fight (wounded, sick and shipwrecked troops, prisoners of war). The Conventions and their Protocols call for measures to be taken to prevent or put an end to all breaches.
They contain stringent rules to deal with what are known as “grave breaches”. Those responsible for grave breaches must be sought, tried or extradited, whatever nationality they may hold. There are 4 Geneva conventions. The first Geneva Convention protects wounded and sick soldiers on land during war. It contains 64 articles.
—The writer is an entrepreneur and senior economic analyst; Chairman Federation Pakistan Chamber, Garment Industry Committee; Small and Medium Industrial Association Bund Road Lahore; Pakistan Columnist Council Lahore Pakistan and can be reached at [email protected]

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