Biden threatens Putin with sanctions over Ukraine

Biden says US roaring back to post-pandemic life, but COVID-19 yet to be

The United States warned Moscow on Tuesday of damaging sanctions, including measures personally targeting Vladimir Putin, as Russian combat troops massing around Ukraine launched new exercises. Tension appeared to be increasing, with the White House saying the risk of a Russian invasion of Ukraine “remains imminent.”

Warning that would prompt “enormous consequences” and even “change the world,” President Joe Biden said he would consider adding direct sanctions on Putin to a raft of measures being drawn up.

“Yes. I would see that,” Biden said when asked by reporters in Washington about targeting Putin, whom opponents have long accused of holding gigantic, secret wealth.

A senior US official laid out economic sanctions “with massive consequences” that go far beyond previous measures implemented in 2014 after Russia invaded Ukraine’s Crimea region.

New measures would include restrictions on exports of high-tech US equipment in the artificial intelligence, quantum computing and aerospace sectors, the official told reporters on condition of anonymity. “What we’re talking about are sophisticated technologies that we design and produce,”. –AFP

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