BFA uproots vegetables cultivated using waste water


Balochistan Food Authority (BFA) has uprooted and destroyed vegetables cultivated on 620 acres of land with contaminated and hazardous wastewater so far in collaboration with the district administration of Quetta.

The BFA has accelerated its efforts against vegetable crops cultivated with contaminated sewage water, and discarded several ripen crops in the provincial capital of Quetta, a BFA official told APP.

The action was taken at Nohisar area, Samungli, Spinny, Sayab Road and their surroundings, during which different grown vegetable crops, including spinach, cauliflower, onion and others were discarded by the officials, while contaminated water resources to these fields were also disconnected by the authorities.

He said “the authority is conducting a crackdown against vegetables being grown with wastewater so that the public can be provided healthy, clean and fresh fruits and vegetables.” The vegetables prepared from sewage water were harmful not only to human health but also to animals, he warned.

He said BFA was taking several actions against the cultivation of unhealthy vegetables. The official said wastewater was still being used for vegetable cultivation and a special mechanism was being set up in this regard to ensure complete remediation where the role of all stakeholders was important.

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