Beyond the mammoth Amar Bill Mahroof jalsa | By Col Muhammad Usman (R)


Beyond the mammoth Amar Bill Mahroof jalsa

ON 30 October 2011, it was Imran Khan’s Tsunami at Lahore which set him on the course to arrive at pinnacle of power in August 2018.

Now on 27 Mar 2022 at Islamabad, it was Tsunami plus if number, intensity and ferocity of the crowd are the indices.

The grand parade ground was filled to suffocation with thousands caught in gridlock outside and beyond.

It may be less than fair if it is only confined to what haven saw at parade ground and its surroundings.

It was also an expression of what a large majority of people, sitting at homes, think and feel in backdrop of suspect no confidence move against Imran Khan because it was indeed a representative crowd.

Besides, in almost every household across the country, urgent prayers and fervent wishes continue to make rounds for Imran Khan to remain unharmed from evil forces and succeed for sake of the country.

In real terms, such a scenario constitutes what a nation wants.In an instant case, people of Pakistan want Imran Khan in the saddle.

The message is clear and unambiguous. Its reasons are too obvious to discern even by a man with ordinary understanding and intelligence, however call of Imran Khan “Amr Bill Maroof has given it a new meaning and pronounced impetus.

This has already alerted crooked minds within erstwhile unholy alliance.They see it a real serious danger if it snowballs and gets ingrained among the people because in the choice of good and evil by the people, they have no chance, being bad out to out.

The reasons which prompted people instantly to stand behind Imran Khan, are frightening and forbidding.

Due to paucity of space, one is constrained to start with recent past only, commencing with signing of Charter of Democracy between Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif in 2007 under the aegis of the US in broad daylight.

The US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice was the architect and overseer.Both signatories on self-exile were to return home and take over reins of government in Pakistan turn by turn.

First turn was of Benazir however, which went to Asif Zardari because of her unnatural demise.

In realpolitik, there are no free lunches. Both had to serve US’s interests and it is needless to mention on expense of Pakistan’s extreme interests.

Notably, there were two interests.One, to secure tapped cooperation and help of Pakistan in its fight against terrorism according to own design.

Two, weaken Pakistan multifariously because it considers a strong Pakistan a threat to their unbridled and prohibitive demands.

The US unleashed unaccountable drone attacks in our tribal areas with no worthwhile benefit to Pakistan in return.

In order to weaken Pakistan, US also asked PPP government to allow entry of Raymand Davis intelligence operatives in hundreds into Pakistan who established networks to intensify terrorist attacks inside Pakistan from across Afghan border.

These caused Pakistan colossal loss of lives and material, ranging to 80 thousands and over two hundred $ billion respectively.

Besides, mere presence of a numbskull, inept and corrupt duo of Asif Zaradari and Nawaz Sharif at helm for ten years was enough to cripple Pakistan to stunning proportions.

A debt trap was laid upon Pakistan courtesy their insensitivity to imperatives of a sovereign state.

In brief, after 10 years of their rule, the country fell in a sinkhole constitutionally, morally, economically, politically, socially and administratively.

Probably, thought of their comeback in collaboration with the US was too chilling and shattering and impelled them to throng Islamabad to strengthen hands of Imran Khan in order to frustrate their mischievous design.

The people have done their bid.They have spoken loud and clear but a question arises what the Constitution and others who bore responsibilities of high offices ought to do to safeguard the country from their mischief.

Nawaz Sharif cobbled together an establishment in Pakistan as a counterweight to traditional establishment.

It comprised elements from judiciary, civil bureaucracy and important national institutions, media, business tycoons and mafias.

It also has foreign patronage.This has worked quite successfully to keep sagging fortunes of unholy ruling elite afloat and thwart change in the country.

Present no-confidence move is their latest nefarious move, being choreographed by their foreign masters.

Though they are incorrigible stuff but when their parent institutions from where they draw strength maliciously, would rise to this ugly reality and would set them right or purge them.

No constitution in the world discounts sanctity of right methods to achieve right ends.

In a democracy, a no confidence move is a right proposition but needs to be pursued through right means.

There is no reason to disbelieve that our Constitution does not embody clauses which make incumbent upon all concerned to follow the application of right methods to achieve right ends, however, we only see to the contrary.

Does our constitution not prohibit horse trading and involvement of foreign powers in domestic and constitutional pursuits?

The presence of these elements are enough for its custodians to shoot down on the outset, any ulterior move on its name.

For us, its wait has become agonizingly longer to longer.Another dimension is of taking the middle path or settling for less for the reason of pragmatism in face of difficult and delicate times.

The nation has ruled against it however, it is uncertain to predict that how long more would be taken by our people who bone responsibilities of high offices to come out from their comfort zone.

— The writer, a retired Lt Col, is a senior columnist based in Islamabad.