Better sense must prevail


VESTED interest of all political parties has once again turned country’s political situation hazy and smoggy.

This political uncertainty does not suit a country where problems especially on economic front are already immense, as this will only worsen the matters.

Opposition parties are threatening Prime Minister Imran Khan with a no confidence move and according to them they have requisite numbers to oust him.

Disgruntled PTI leader Jehangir Tareen is once again in the news as he has held a secret meeting with PML (N) President Shahbaz Sharif.

While those in the PTI are downplaying the meeting and expressing confidence that the person who brought the party in a position to form governments in the Centre and Punjab will not ditch, nonetheless, this indicates that something is cooking behind the scene.

Undoubtedly it is the constitutional right of opposition parties to bring no confidence move, yet at a time when PTI government is left with less than 18 months in power, this move makes no sense.

We have been stressing in these columns that bitter politics of the 90s should not be revived, as doing so will have serious consequences.

Whilst seeing beyond the narrow prism, better sense must prevail for the sake of country. The question also arises that if the opposition manages somehow to oust PM Khan, will this bring down commodity prices including those of petroleum products?

Or do the opposition parties have any plan to change fortunes of the country?And if they had any, why they did not implement it when in power? The country can no longer afford this politics of hate and rancour.Continuity and political stability is a must.

The current situation warrants that the PTI is allowed to complete its mandated term and let the people decide its future in next general elections.

There should not be any politics on economic issues.While setting aside bitterness, it will be better for all political parties to sit together and discuss way forward for the country.

The PTI government should also pay attention to reduce burden of price hike on the common man.

In the last few months, there has been an increased development activity in different parts of the country, yet price hike has really dented PTI’s popularity rate, and the same is visible in recently held surveys.

Government officials will have to think out of box to provide genuine relief to the people.The government is reportedly considering enhancing minimum wage and further increasing the salaries of employees.

This will provide a solace to them but it must be ensured that decisions taken in this regard are also implemented in letter and in spirit as there are certain departments which up till now have not been given the twenty-five percent disparity allowance announced by the government last year.The private sector should also be encouraged to follow the suit.


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