England’s test captain Ben Stokes has issued a stern warning to Pakistan that the visitors may take a more “adventurous” approach during the second test in Multan.

The match is expected to be shortened yet again with the smog and fog around the stadium causing visibility issues for the players.

On Tuesday morning the players were unable to see the boundary from the playing surface with practice not possible until later in the day.

“In this Test, if it does pan out the way that it could potentially, with the late start and early finish, we could end up having only 300-350 overs in the Test match,” he said.

“We might have to get even a bit more adventurous with what we do. We’ll see.”

The 31-year-old also raised the possibility of some time declaring a whole innings without batting.

“You might see, especially in England with the weather that’s around, something even more out there, even more than you’ve seen here. I might declare without batting one day, who knows?”

Stokes, who is yet to draw a single match under his leadership, has never wavered from the newfound aggressive approach since taking over the duties.

The prime example came during the first test in Rawalpindi when he declared with 343 runs on the board and just four sessions left in the match on a practically dead surface. His decision paid off with England securing the 74-run win with just minutes left on the clock.

Ben Stokes and England can seal Pakistan’s fate during the second test in Multan especially with the home side struggling with injuries to key players.

The second test between the two begins tomorrow (December 9th).