Beauty, intellectual glamour and personality attraction in knowledge | By Dr Anees Akhtar, UK 


Beauty, intellectual glamour and personality attraction in knowledge

KNOWLEDGE has all substance and is everything. Pure universal knowledge includes everything.

If you are adhering to one line of thought, one mode of thinking, one idea structure, and excluding all others, you are not having pure knowledge. The knowledge defends you in every shape of your life.

The knowledge is the only big defence a human being needs in every sphere of life. Knowledge defends you against every possible form of harm in any situation in life.

The more knowledge you have, less fear you have; the less pain you will feel in life, less stress you will feel and less anguish you will feel. Even knowledge makes you more logical and reasonable. Attaining more knowledge will make you feel content and satisfied, and you will experience less danger.

There is no limitation in the concept of the word knowledge; the value of word knowledge is infinite. So, you can find that one word, knowledge, frees you from all limitations.

Knowledge has a lot of logic; without great knowledge you do not have a great human brain. So, craving for knowledge makes your mind logical, wise, honest, and noble. If you have a lot of knowledge, it means you are a great logical person. Being logical makes you reasonable, wise, and civilized.

With dynamic approach in all aspects of life, you are considered as a legendary and enlightened person. Historical polymaths were all legendaries of their times and they include Newton, Einstein DC Vinci, and many other Muslim polymaths.

This means that humans are attracted to intelligence and wit first before they look at other choices. Therefore, conversations have natural preference over muscles. So, many people prefer books over looks.

Brain always makes a wise good man or woman. According to brain researchers and doctors, community globally agreed that brain is also a large sex organ. There are lots of people in societies who are excited and attracted towards the insight and wisdom of others

. The people who are excited by knowledge are often fond of philosophical, political, or psychological discussions because this turns them on.

When a smart brain with great knowledge engages someone with healthy debate and makes someone think differently about something, this act of smart thinking is an art of convincing and attracting others towards your personality and brain power and has great advantages including social and sexual attractions.

Knowledge of different research from the university of Mexico have found, “There is a strong connection between man’s virility and his intelligence.”

The research shows that there is a strong correlation between higher IQ and healthy sperms. This means the smart man have the strongest sperm. Research shows that women are attracted to intelligence because their ovaries sense the quality of sperms in intelligent mate.

All women have common interest of getting the best sperms of an educated smart and intelligent man that can make their babies better human beings with intelligent brain.

There is a strong connection between higher IQ and strong libido. Surveys in American elite universities revealed that research scholars with high IQ have boosted libido.

Historically and currently, all generations have been found together around the intelligence. People like to be around and follow the intelligent people. Most of the intellectuals are working in societies as writers, thinkers, philosophers and political leaders.

Our generations have always been in deep relationship with them because of their creative, innovative and missionary work. They are all knowledge creators, they seek knowledge and explore the universe, life, and societies at core levels.

For marriages and relationships, we prefer mental, and educational level first, then we understand and care about heart and love secondly.

So, intelligence or education is the prior criteria and highly ranked characteristic in choosing a partner.

In a survey it was found the person smarter than 90 per cent of the population is considered an ideal partner than the person who is smarter than 50 percent of population.

But the person smarter than 99% of the population is found to be less attractive and an ideal partner. But that person is considered as a rare intelligence or Alien intelligence with lots of command over universal, life, societal, or spiritual mysteries.

Such a person with universal mind and cosmic attitude could be a polymath with lots of creative and innovative abilities.

Therefore, more intelligence makes you more attractive, successful and near to ultimate realities with happy heart, pure soul and noble brain like Newton.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in London.

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