Based on the Daily Pakistan Observers news on dubious inspections by PMDC, NAB orders enquiry



The NAB has started investigations to probe into the hasty country wide inspections conducted by PMDC council established under ordinance 2019. It is learnt that gross irregularities have been highlighted in the inspections done by the inspection committee under PMDC ordinance 2019.
It is come to the notice that various private sector institutions have been favoured . Illtrained people were send to different institutions to get the desired results. It is pointed out that starting from blue eyed inspectors whose approval from the council had been extremely controversial and to obliging more then 25 private medical colleges most of which were under some sort of litigation with PMDC for many years. The PMDC ordinance 2019 and the council constituted under it had been rejected by the Senate of Pakistan on 29th August. It seems Out of shear desperation to legitimise the doings of previous council the Government has promulgated another ordinance on the same subject in the name of Pakistan Medical Commission 2019.
This ordinance has provided unlimited powers to private sector which is an aftermath of a meeting between selected owners of private medical colleges with Chairman of health task force Dr. Nosherwan Barki in Lahore.
The NAB has taken serious note of these dubious inspections and notice have been issued to registrar PMDC to provide all data of the inspections but soon after this letter there was an ambush at PMDC on 20th October.
Permission given to certain colleges two days back on Friday by the so called admission board formed by secretary health has raised skepticism, as he did not possess any such authority to form the said board .Surprisingly , sealing of the building on the Sunday ,a day before another ordinance has raised questions under who’s instructions is this being done and is it either done to save the data or compromise it .
It is also learnt that NAB is also in the process of initiating an investigation against the private medical colleges and asked for all financial dealings of these Medical colleges for last couple of years.