Barrister Fahad Malik murder case: Court gives life sentences to 3 convicts

Barrister Fahad Malik murder case

Islamabad: An Islamabad-based court on Tuesday sentenced three convicts–Raja Arshad, Nauman Khokar, and Raja Hashim Khan–to life imprisonment in the murder case of Barrister Fahad Malik.

The verdict was announced by Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani, who had reserved the verdict a week earlier.

Barrister Fahad Malik was murdered on August 15, 2016, in a shooting on a busy road in Islamabad. Malik was leaving Shalimar police station after duty, acting for a client, when his car was stopped, and he was showered with bullets.

The accused three were taken into custody on murder charges. Arshad was caught at the Torkham border by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) as he attempted to flee to Afghanistan a few days after the murder.

After 6 years, Court reserves verdict in Barrister Fahad Malik murder case

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