Balochistan budget


Balochistan government unveiled its budget for the next fiscal year on Saturday with focus on development side. An allocation of Rs 118.25 billion has been made for development schemes including 1634 new ones.
In terms of development, the strategically located and resource rich province lies far behind other provinces. This has also created a sense of deprivation amongst the Baloch people who consider that their resources such as gas has been used for development of other federating units but this in turn did not benefit them. The grievances of Baloch people are genuine and can only be addressed by accelerating process of development in the province. It is also for the federal government to fully support provincial government in its endeavour. These development schemes should be completed within given timeframe so that people could see improvement in their living standards. Balochistan is also the gateway of multi billion dollars China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and it must be ensured that Baloch people accrue maximum benefit from it.
By equipping the youth with right kind of technical training and education, they can get their due share in jobs to be offered by the CPEC related projects especially Gwadar Port and Special Economic Zone. Prioritising development of Balochistan is also of immense importance so as to exploit hidden natural resources in the province and also to thwart Indian designs that is supporting separatism in the province. These resources including those in Reko Dik have the potential to change economic landscape of the whole country. We will rather suggest that a dialogue be initiated with genuine Baloch leaders and representatives to finalise a future roadmap for Balochistan’s development. It is also for those playing in the hands of enemy to shun the course of violence and join national mainstream for well being of their people.