Babar: Have no confidence in ECP’s scrutiny committee


Observer Report

The petitioner in the PTI foreign funding case and one of the ruling party’s founding members, Akbar S. Babar, on Wednesday said he has no confidence in the Election Commission of Pakistan’s
(ECP) scrutiny committee.
Speaking to the media in Lahore, Babar alleged the PTI had submitted fake documents to the ECP, and asked why details of the 23 bank accounts associated with the ruling party were not being made public. “The details of one of the 23 bank accounts were not revealed,” he added. “The scrutiny is not transparent. The scrutiny committee has failed; it was not working properly,” he said. Babar further cast aspersions on the committee saying that “there are seven days in a week yet they held 14 hearings, so how is that possible?”
“Why are the facts being hidden? The ruling party has received funding from illegal sources.” Babar further reminded people that the premier had ordered an audit of the sugar companies of Pakistan. “Did Prime Minister Imran Khan not conduct an audit against the sugar companies?.

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