Azadi March represents the entire nation: Fazl


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Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, who is leading an anti-government protest ‘Azadi March’ said on Tuesday that the opposition’s “march is a representation of the entire nation”. Before proceeding to Lahore, Fazl addressed marchers here where he was welcomed by Pakistan Muslim League-N senior politician Javed Hashmi.
The business community of this country is suffering. Investors are moving their capital out of the country. We are fighting for the survival of this country.
The JUI-F chief said that his party considers the Constitution of the country as the charter of the nation.”Our fight is for the protection of people’s constitutional rights and the country.” He accused the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government of making the Kashmir issue knotty and shedding ‘crocodile tears’ over the plight of Kashmiri people. “The whole world’s leaders know that you [PM Imran Khan] have compromised on Kashmir. Don’t further deceive Kashmiris by expressing fake sympathy.” We consider the Constitution as supreme, said a charged Fazl while taking the stage. “If you don’t follow the Constitution, then you are putting the country’s peace at risk.”
When Indian PM Narendra Modi was running his election campaign then Imran Khan had said that Modi will win the elections and then solve the Kashmir issue. “Has it been solved now? Imran Khan supported Modi’s election campaign,” he added.
Fazl said that the JUI-F caravan was going to Islamabad to announce that the incumbent rulers were fake.“This government does not have any mandate,” he said. “The mandate can be seen in this march,” he added.
Addressing the rally, Hashmi said following the directive of his party supremo Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N “will fully support the JUI-F’s rally”.
“The PML-N will support the JUI-F march at every nook and corner of Punjab and the people of this country are the real rulers whose decision will have to be respected at any cost,” he added.
“I know Imran Khan really well,” said Hashmi in his address. “I have served as PTI’s president. I know that Imran Khan doesn’t accept the Pakistani nation. Well, then we don’t accept such a leader,” he added.
A PML-N delegation, comprising Senator Rana Mahmoodul Hassan and Javed Hashmi, visited Fazl at his son’s house. Awami Raaj Party leader Jamshed Dasti has joined the marchers too.

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