Azadi March: Imran Khan retreats after giving 6-day ultimatum to govt to announce elections

Azadi March

Islamabad: Contrary to people’s expectations, Chairman PTI Imran Khan, who led an ‘Azadi March’ on Islamabad alongside PTI’s top leadership, gave a 6-day ultimatum to the current government to dissolve assemblies and call elections or else he would “return” to Islamabad.

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The PTI Chairman told the participants of the ‘Azadi March’ on Jinnah Avenue that he had arrived in Islamabad after a 30-hour journey from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“The government attempted every way to put down our Azadi March; they used tear gas on nonviolent protesters, raided our homes, and violated our privacy, but I have seen the nation overcome its fear of enslavement,” he stated.

Imran Khan also mentioned the marchers who lost their lives during this journey and called on the Supreme Court of Pakistan to probe into this matter.

“Three PTI workers lost their lives in Karachi, while two workers were thrown off Ravi Bridge, and thousands of others were arrested,” he said.

However, after making the announcement, the PTI Chairman drove to his residence at Bani Gala. The senior party leadership also accompanied him while protestors started dispersing.

Will not vacate D-Chowk until election date: Imran Khan

Earlier, PTI Chairman Imran Khan had reiterated that he and his supporters would not vacate D-Chowk in Islamabad until a final date for new elections was given by the “imported government”.

Imran made those remarks during a brief stopover in Hasan Abdal as his supporters reached D-Chowk ahead of him.

“We will stay in Islamabad until the government decides to dissolve assemblies and announce election dates,” adding, “we will reach D-Chowk, and no hurdle can stop us.”

However, after reaching Jinnah Avenue today, the PTI Chairman called off the march and headed to Bani Gala.

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