Authorities requested to stop irrigation water supplies from Khanpur dam

Staff Reporter

Authorities concerned of Khanpur dam have been requested to stop irrigation water supplies from Khanpur dam and the water supply for twin cities (Rawalpindi and Islamabad) should be given priority.

According to a Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) spokesman, it has been noticed that the monsoon season has almost ended however, the water level of Khanpur Reservoir is nearly 1938 feet which is much less than its maximum conservation level of 1982 feet.

A similar, sort of situation also persists at the Simly Dam Reservoir wherein the presently available storage is expected to last within the next 48 days even with a 50 percent curtailed supply.

The current situation warrants that the supplies from Khanpur Dam Reservoir for the Municipal Water Supply for Islamabad and Rawalpindi should be given priority and supplies for irrigation purposes should be stopped forthwith in the light of relevant provisions of the Water at Apportionment Accord-1991 and National Water Policy-2018.

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