Aurat Foundation hosts Women Leadership Assembly

Staff Reporter

On the occasion of 8th March International Women’s Day, Aurat Foundation hosted a Women Leadership Assembly at the Rawalpindi Press Club followed by a women’s rally.

This celebration brought together women leaders from PMLN, PTI and PPPP, human rights activists, artists, and around 100 other women under the network “Women Alliance Pakistan.

” Also present at the event was Mr. Christopher Khung, Head of Cooperation, High Commission of Canada.

The event was followed by a rally. There was also a video screening of a feminist song and a community activist, Ms. Tahira Mushtaq, presented a “Charter of Demands” for local government reforms.

Christopher Khung, Head of Cooperation, High Commission of Canada, emphasized the need to include men in the struggle for women’s rights and underscored that Pakistan cannot develop if its women are not empowered, stressing the full support of the Canadian government for the women of Pakistan’s struggle for their political rights.

Ms. Tahira Aurengzaib, Member of the National Assembly (PML-N), Ms. Abida Munir (PTI), Ms. Sumera Khan, City President (PPPP), and all stressed the need to give women the rights promised to them by Islam and especially, to educate men and boys about the need to respect women.

Mumtaz Mughal, Director Programmes, Aurat Foundation noted the bravery of women throughout history from 1908 who have made International Women’s Day a possibility.

The department of International Relations of National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad organized a seminar to commemorate the international Women’s Day, illustrating the pivotal role of women and their continued struggle for nation building in Pakistan.

In this connection, several distinguished speakers spoke on the august occasion.

Prof. Dr. Safeer Awan, Pro Rector Academics NUML said, “Women’s movement is divided across the ideological spectrum.

But the good thing is that all women come together on international women’s day.

” He also said biases against the women are more deep rooted in language and culture.

The gate keepers of honor and culture exploit women’s bodies for their narrow ideological politics.

However, the positive thing is that social consciousness about women’s rights is increasing in the right direction.