Artists thank Ahmed Shah for holding Awami Theater Festival



The people of Hyderabad, especially the artists, writers and poets expressed their happiness on the restoration of Awami Theater after 32 years and thanked the President of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Ahmed Shah for promoting art and culture in Karachi.

The revival of public theatre after 32 years is the beginning of healthy activities in Hyderabad.

Stage artists, writers, poets and journalists, separately met with President Arts Council, on the occasion of the opening ceremony of theater festival and thanking him for organizing the theater festival, said a statement on Tuesday.

Artists said that the last theater held at the Mehran Arts Council in Hyderabad was in 1992 and no such cultural program has been held since then.

The Mehran Arts Council had become barren, now the artists are very happy with its renovation and restoration.

They expressed hope that like Karachi, literary and cultural activities will continue in Hyderabad under the patronage of Ahmed Shah.

Writers and poets said that a Almi Urdu conference should be held in Hyderabad like Karachi. President of Arts Council of Pakistan Muhammad Ahmad Shah while talking to the writers, poets and artists of Sindh said that in all the cities of Sindh where art and there is infrastructure for culture, there will be theater festivals and cultural programs. It has been inaugurated on November 14, 2022 from Hyderabad.

Ahmed Shah said that Hyderabad is not only the second largest city of Sindh but also an important cultural city where a large population of Sindhi and Urdu speakers reside.

He said that we will gather everyone, this is not the last program, now there will be continuous cultural programs here.

A committee will be set up in the Arts Council. Elections will be held after the membership.

He said that Sindh Culture Minister Syed Sardar Shah wants all these institutions to be settled.

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