Armed forces’ sacrifices strengthened, consolidated Pakistan: Khabir Azad


Staff Reporter


Khateeb Imam of Badshahe Mosque Lahore and Chairman Majlis Ulama-e-Pakistan presided over Istihkam-e-Pakistan Conference in Karachi Press Club Karachi on Thursday. Maulana Syed Muhammad Abdul Khabir Azad said that Pakistan has come into existence to stay forever. The plots of anti-state elements will never be succeeded. The religious community will serve as a frontline contingent of the armed forces.
The unprecedented sacrifice of the armed forces of Pakistan has strengthened and consolidated Pakistan. The enemies of Pakistan have spread their network of conspiracies against Pakistan. He said that the Ulama will contribute more to a peaceful Karachi. He said that peace in Karachi means Peace in Pakistan. The law and order situation in Karachi is getting better day-by-day. He said that Majlis Ulama-e-Pakistan has raised its voice at all forums against any sort of violence for Istihkam-e-Pakistan in the light of Paigham e Pakistan’s narrative. He said that all classes and sects should bring harmony and unity to strengthen the country.
He appreciated the unprecedented sacrifices of the armed forces, rangers, all law enforcing agencies and said we salute them. He said that the enemy’s plots are bound to failure and defeat. He congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan on his successful visit to the USA. He said that the resolution of the Kashmir Issue and Afghanistan crisis will pave the way for global peace. In the last, he prayed for the success and effective impact of Istihkam-e-Pakistan Conference and expressed his determination in spreading the Paigham-e- Pakistan’s narrative to each and every home in Pakistan.
The conference was attended by Bishop of Karachi Bishop Couts, Mufti Abu Huraraira Principal Jamia Islamia Clifton, Allama Shahenshah Hussain Naqvi Central leader of Shia Council, Mufti Muhammad Younas Allah Dad Principal Jamia Farooq e Azam, sardar Mashon Singh Sikh leader, Jay Swami Hindu Leader, Maulana Feroz ud Din Rahmani President Ittihad Ahle Sunnat Karachi, Mufti Muneer Ahmad Tariq Provincial Khateeb Auqaf Karachi, Mr. Asad Chairman Binte Fatima Old Homes, Mufti Atta ur Rahman Mahmood Qureshi, Qari Muhammad Iqbal Nazim Benori Town Karachi, Shaikhul Hadees Maulana Faizullah Azad, Qari Ameer Bakhsh, Qari Basheer Ahmad Imam Liaqat Masjid Karachi, Shah Hussain Shah Jamali and other leaders.

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