Anomalies in salaries


THE federal government has issued a notification to give an executive allowance of one hundred and fifty percent of the basic salary to the government offices of grade seventeen to twenty-two.

Additionally the facility of disparity allowance announced earlier this year by the previous government has also been extended to the officers in grade twenty to twenty two.

There is no denying that the country is currently faced with a difficult economic situation but hue and cry of a particular segment including those in the media about increase in the salaries of government officers or extension of some sort of incentives to them is totally uncalled-for.

This criticism should rather be directed towards the money spent on unnecessary expenditure which is the real burden on the national kitty.

The current price hike has affected every segment of the society including those serving in the public sector departments.

Hence any increase in their salaries must be welcomed which in reality also leaves a salutary impact on the performance of government officers, as only a financially satisfied officer can perform to the best of his abilities and can work with more diligence and devotion.

Having said so, it is also important for the government to address current anomalies that exist in the pay structures of different departments.

Employees of some departments and ministries draw higher salaries and allowances, whilst the same is denied to others.

For instance, the previous government had announced disparity allowances of twenty five and fifteen percent but there are some departments which are yet to implement this decision.

This has only resulted in further increase in the anomalies in salaries. The same is the case with the implementation of minimum wage.

Now an executive allowance has been announced and employees fear that this will only be extended to the most influential departments whilst others will have to run from pillar to post to get it.

We, therefore, will suggest the government to bring a uniform salary structure to end the heart burning in employees, and that the executive allowance must be given to all the departments without any discrimination.


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