Universities’ ranking & upheaval with art of imagination | By Prof Anees Akhtar, UK


Universities’ ranking & upheaval with art of imagination

ART of imagination and polymathic method of education and knowledge organization raises the ranking and prestige of higher educational and research institutions worldwide.

This is the only creative method and technique involving optimization of the brain for creativity and imagination by intuition, meditation, brainstorming, music therapies and journaling.

After organizing your knowledge by polymathic method, above therapies will make your imagination super-fast There are the methods and hard and fast rules that world famous polymaths, scientists, artistes and adeebs used to create new civilizations and by inventing latest technologies and machinery like computers, robots, airplanes, cars, TV, radio, radars and all other communications and cures and travelling sources.

Famous polymaths like Newton, Einstein, Karl Marx, Stephen Hawking, and Benjamin Franklin used the same methods and technologies to invent new knowledge, techniques, art and created new civilizations.

These brains have been proven to be the golden brains of industries. Art of imagination has originated from the ore or roots of these polymathic knowledge.

Since at cores and roots, all humans and wisdoms are connected to each other, we have to peel off the layers and connections and entanglements of this knowledge from roots.

When you nurture the roots of this core, it will flourish and grow up into a beautiful fruit giving tree of treasures and blessings.

But, you cannot make any breakthrough or even you cannot create a universal or gracious brain without understanding and nurturing the roots of this core.

World famous groundbreaking books, research papers and doctoral theses have been written and created by understanding this core and roots of entangled knowledge.

New industries, technologies, mechanisms and medicines and vaccines have been and are being invented by understanding this core.

Researchers, artists, scientists, adheebs, poets and sieges and mystics are all spending their long time to understand this core to create science, art, literature and universal spirituality for peace, harmony and prosperity around the planet.

Global institutional sciences and art researchers are raising the ranking of their universities and in turn their countries by applying the same methods to explore the knowledge at the core.

University professors who are raising their mental horizon by understanding knowledge in such a way are given higher ranks and positions in universities and countries as compared to those who are only upgrading their qualifications and grades without any big scientific and literary wisdom of any kind.

So, universities and professors ranking solely depend on this creative method. That is why the king of imagination Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.

” So, global elite educational culture which is controlling and leading research and innovations are following the same secret method of upheaving their mental horizon and their institutions and countries.

That is why most of the scientific breakthroughs and Nobel prizes are going to these elite class knowledge aristocrats.

Those cultures and nations and professionals who do not understand this secret, are continuously transferring research and knowledge data in the form of degrees and research papers to their scholars that make no big impact to move forward their wisdom or even prosperity of their nations.

This traditional way of education and research method is globally promoting bureaucratic cultures rather than a creative culture in the institutions and societies.

So, the creative method of knowledge organization is very subtle to create universal and very sophisticated brains which will take your institutions and countries to the bigger and wider arena and more visible platform of science, art and literature and spiritual harmony.

Historians, nobel brains and people with greater wisdom have been successful builders, game changers and makers of societies and new civilizations.

Today, our conscious brains are prototypes or copies and holograms of these last two centuries’ brains.

They are blueprints of our brains and we are prototypes and holograms of their brains.

Our last two centuries’ blueprint brains were the great thinkers, dreamers and actual kings of imagination.

Some of them were scientists, adheebs, writers, artists and many of them were philosophers and sculptors.

It is a universal fact that most of us in this new civilization are followers of their brain, either by using the technology they have developed or by reading and listening the knowledge they have created in the form of our science and literature syllabus books, they have created and written it in the form of theories, theorems and ideology or by practicing art and music.

According to metaphysical theory of holographic brain and universe, our brains and universe might be controlled by some super intelligent or infinite intelligence by telepathic waves like brain waves running continuously around universe which are also contributing towards growth and formation of brain cells, when we perceive them through music or some by other form of interactions around us, that triggers our thoughts.

Modern electronics and other machines like computers and other digital technologies of the next generations are created that could run and operate by the thoughts or telepathic waves, they don’t need any type of physical tool to operate.

This holographic concept of the brain and universe is taking great attention of material scientists around the globe.

This is the universal core where spirituality and quantum physics have got a harmony and mergers of two ideologies into one big universal theory of everything.

Global books and film industries are propagating this ideology through their platforms by publishing the books and making the films on both these ideas to launch a war of ideas among scientists and adheebs of conscious and unconscious science, art and literature.

—To be continued

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in London.


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