ANDMA pledges to help 700,000 disaster-affected families



Officials of the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) said in a press conference that in the 1401 work plan, with the cooperation of the humanitarian agencies, they will help 700,000 families affected by natural disasters.

The deputy minister of ANDMA said that humanitarian aid from Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan has reached natural disaster victims this year.

“In 34 provinces, remittances of 200 million Afghanis have been sent to address natural disasters,” said Sharafuddin Muslim, Deputy Minister of ANDMA. Ministry officials also shared ANDMA’s work plan for the coming year and again mentioned the revision of the Disaster Management Law.

Meanwhile, officials at the Ministry of Public Works said that highways in Salang and some other provinces have been closed due to heavy snowfall in the country. “According to local sources, the Bagkak and Bain dams in Ghor province were closed due to heavy snowfall, but passengers were transported to safer areas via the Yakawlang road. Also in Bamiyan, the Punjab Bazaar route and the Diwali plain were closed to traffic,” said Hamidullah Mesbah, spokesman of the Ministry of Public Works.

“According to the forecasts, this situation will continue for the next 24 hours. We ask the people and the drivers not to move towards this route until further notice,” said Obaidullah Obaid, head of maintenance for the Salang Highway. In the meantime, ANDMA says that in 34 provinces and 7 zones they have 218 groups working to deal with natural disasters.—Tolo New


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