Amrullah Saleh’s anti-Pakistan disinformation campaign on social media




Former head of NDS Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh uses his Twitter account to post anti-Pakistan material to inflict reputational damage to state of Pakistan, its army and ISI.

He is spreading lies by connecting the current tension between both countries with Pakistan and blaming Pakistan for all the chaos.

After 2001, Amrullah Saleh proved himself as a valuable asset for foreign hostile agencies against its own government and people. He is *responsible for bloodshed and destruction in Afghanistan in last 20 years*.

*Working against his so-called “own people” was paid Amrullah Saleh $200 a day, which was previously $400 for a month; not to mention lots of high-level contacts, foreign citizenship and political ambition in reward* for his services to betray Afghans.

*Amrullah Saleh’s flight from “just” an interpreter for an NGO in 2001 to high-profile state portfolios was a reward for putting the Afghanistan’s national interest on the backburner*.

Amrullah Saleh received his intelligence training form India even before joining NDS. Being NDS Chief, he facilitated India to set up its hostile networks across Afghanistan for conducting espionage, sabotage and terrorist activities against Pakistan while destabilizing the region.

During his tenure as Chief, NDS supported Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the form of cash, ammunitions and training.

*HRW documented that numerous torture incidents of detainees had occurred under Amrullah Saleh’s watch* as the head of the country’s intelligence apparatus between 2004 and 2010.

*Amrullah Saleh always remained focused on serving his personal vested interest by exploiting miseries of Afghan masses*. Out of personal vendetta, Saleh opposed President Hamid Karzai for entering into talks with the Taliban and looking for Pakistan’s help in this regard notwithstanding significance of those talks for future of Afghanistan.

It was Amrullah Saleh who propelled propaganda campaign during Ghani government to sabotage the intra-Afghan Peace Process

*Had he not opposed peace process at that time; Taliban would not have returned to Afghanistan under Doha agreement*.

Saleh’s *opposition to the talks with the Taliban and a failed attempt of a coup against former President Ghani in collaboration with Hamdullah Mohib, ex-NSA Afghanistan speaks for his lust for power* and his ability to stoop to any low in order to get his way.

Amrullah Saleh is notoriously known for *orchestrating attacks on himself in order to establish his credentials in Afghanistan and to his foreign masters*.