Alvi confers HI on Dr Talat Naseer


The President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi has awarded the prestigious “Hilal-i-Imtiaz” to renowned scholar Professor Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (S.I.) for his outstanding performance in the fields of science, engineering, and education.

Dr. Pasha, who is also the Vice Chancellor of the University of Education in Lahore, has made significant contributions to the education sector, earning him the recognition of being one of the country’s top scholars. Last year, during Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations, President Arif Alvi had announced the award for Dr. Pasha, recognizing his remarkable performance in field of science, engineering, and education. The award ceremony took place on March 23, 2023, at the Presidential Palace during a grand event.

Dr. Pasha has previously been awarded the “Sitar I Imtiaz” for his outstanding contributions in the field of veterinary sciences in 2015. He was also honored with the “Best Teacher Award” by the Higher Education Commission in 2009. With over four decades of experience in teaching and administrative positions, Dr. Pasha is a distinguished scholar who has earned praise and recognition from educational and administrative circles across the country.

The University of Education in Lahore, its faculty, staff, and students have also extended their congratulations to Dr. Pasha for his significant achievement.