Algeria reelected as UN Int’l Civil Service Commission Chief



The Algerian candidate, Ambassador LarbiDjacta, was reelected as President of the UN International Civil Service Commission against the Moroccan candidate, El HassaneZahid, by the score of 121 against 64, at the level of the plenary of the 5th committee’s last session of the UN General Assembly in New York,

This victory for Algerian diplomacy led by the President of the Republic, Mr. AbdelmadjidTebboune, which comes on top of Algeria’s brilliant election to the UN Human Rights Council last month, and constitutes another consecration of the recognition and esteem enjoyed by our country on the international scene.

It should be recalled that the ICSC is an independent expert body established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1974, responsible for strengthening and maintaining high standards in the international civil service, while balancing the needs and concerns of member states and key stakeholders. It is the body by excellence that ensures that the entire UN system and the staff of the UN Secretariat fulfill their tasks and guarantee the exemplary functioning of the world organization.—PR

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