Al-Khidmat Foundation sponsoring more than 13,500 children: Hamid

Staff Reporter

Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan has organized a charity dinner for Orphan children. The charity dinner was attended by Sardar Ilyas Khan, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce, renowned poet Amjad Islam Amjad, donors, Rizwan Ahmed, Hamid Athar Malik, Altaf Sher, Dr Baqir Khakwani, Nasrullah Randhawa, Zubair Safdar, Shehzad Abbasi, Azhar Ali, children and his mother and other loved ones attended.

Addressing the charity dinner on the occasion, Hamid Athar Malik, President Al-Khidmat Foundation Islamabad said that Al-Khidmat Foundation is using all its resources to serve the suffering humanity without any discrimination. Al-Khidmat Foundation is sponsoring more than 13,500 children.

Al-Khidmat has always served the needy, the needy and the deserving with a spirit of service to the people.

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