AJK govt diverts all resources for rehab of quake victims


Mubashar Naqvi


The Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said a separate head is being established for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the earthquake damaged infrastructure of Mirpur. Talking to President of Central Union of Journalists (CUJ) Muhammad Zaffeer Baba here on Tuesday, he said the government has diverted its available resources for the assistance of earthquake victims.
The Prime Minister said reconstruction work will be completed as early as possible while streets and link roads of Mirpur city would also be paved. He said gas facility would be also be extended to all sectors of Mirpur.
Raja Farooq Haider informed that Chinese Construction Company has been approached to complete remaining work of Rathuwa-Harryam Bridge Mirpur.
‘Practical steps also being taken to address the issue of water and electricity in the quake hit areas of the Mirpur division’, Haider added.
The Prime Minister assured that all out efforts would be made to rehabilitate the quake affectees properly.