Afghan women despair over closed public universities


A number of female students in eastern Nangarhar province voiced mounting despair about the lack of access to public universities, lack of employment opportunities for women and girls, and the uncertain future in general for Afghan girls and women in the country.

Ahmad Khan, who is a teacher in Nangarhar prov-ince, said that three of his daughters were students at the department of Agriculture, Engineering and Literature at Nangarhar University, but for months the doors of public universities have been closed to them.

Kerishma, a 20-year-old woman living in the Shiwa district of Nangarhar, told TOLOnews that she and her younger sister (Zala) had passed the entrance exams for the engineering and literature depart-ments at Nangarhar University last year, but had not yet been able to join their classes. “I succeeded in the engineering department. The year ended and I could not go to university, I’m very worried when I look at my empty notebooks that I have not written anything,” said Kerishma, a student.

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