Afghan artist brushes aside disability



Today, the 19-year-old’s works sell and exhibit internationally, and she is so accomplished that she has launched a dedicated centre to help train other disabled artists. “I do paintings mostly about Afghan women, women’s power, the beauty of women, the beauty of paintings, love, and the challenges women face,” Mohammadi said. Some 50 students attend classes at her centre in Kabul, which she opened last year and funds herself with money from selling her paintings. According to a 2015 national survey, about 1.5 million of Afghanistan’s approximately 35 million population has some form of disability, including tens of thousands of people suffering from landmine injuries. But despite this, the impoverished country still stigmatises those that are not able-bodied. Mohammadi was born with a permanent physical disability that means she cannot use her limbs, and now suffers from a degenerative condition called arthrosis.

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