Administrator seeks youth support in tree plantation drive


Administrator Karachi Laiq Ahmed has said that the youth should join hands in the tree planting campaign and help clean the doors and walls of the city from obscene advertisements and slogans.


The city can be beautified through wall art, for betterment and development. The availability of young volunteers for the work is welcome, he said while addressing a delegation of Youth Parliament headed by Rizwan Jaffer at the KMC head office. Coordinator Khalid Khan and Director Media Management Ali Hassan Sajid were also present.


The Administrator said that the metropolitan government is trying to increase revenue resources for financial stability in Karachi. He hoped that the situation would improve soon. He said that the government committee was preparing by-laws to adopt good models adopted around the world to solve the problem of sealing.


He said that young volunteers would be involved in the tree planting campaign starting from February 15.


Take responsibility for irrigating the plants for 4 months, instead of thousands of plants There is a need for shady and vigorous trees. Young people should join CCS Corners under KMC where they have the best opportunities to prepare for competitive exams for government jobs, he said.


He said that state-of-the-art rescue training was being provided to city wardens in the metropolitan city of Karachi which would help in carrying out immediate and effective relief work in case of accidents in the city. He urged the youth to see for themselves what they can do for the city, otherwise they would be provided with comprehensive training in kitchen gardening and compositing.


Laiq Ahmed said that the youth use their talents for the betterment of the city. The situation can be improved very soon if the car is brought, the spirit of showing something to do in the new generation is commendable, the best results can be achieved if guided in the right direction, he said. Because we all aim for the betterment of the city and its citizens.