Motorcycle lifter arrested


Baghdad police SHO raided Dubai Chowk a house in Pholpati Ground,Baghdadi area, and arrested a motorcycle lifter while one accused fled the scene.

From the possession of the arrested accused (5) parts of motorcycles and motorcycle starting devices were recovered.The arrested accused was identified as Sajjad Ali son of Nasir Ali, while his accomplice Naseer son of Majeed managed to escape from the spot.Arrested accused Sajjad revealed that his accomplice Naseer used to steal motorbikes from different areas and give it to him and he used to dismantle it in different parts and sell it to a person named Krishna. Among the various parts of the motorcycle recovered from the possession of the arrested accused are FIR No.

107/2021 of Motorcycle No. KHT-3223, Bajram Section 381A Kharadar Police Station and FIR No. 77/2021 of a Motorcycle No. KMC-6732. Bajram Section 381A is registered in Chakiwara police station. while (3) information about motorcycles is being sought.