Adamjee Life, govt provide healthcare facilities to support heat wave affectees



Following the Pakistan Meteorological Department’s (PMD) heatwave warning, Adamjee Life, in collaboration with the Sindh Govt., established a heat stroke prevention camp as a first response initiative in order to provide relief to affectees as part of their CSR platform, Adamjee Life Nigehbaan.

Adamjee Life also donated a Heat Wave ward to the Sindh Government’s Nazimabad Mother & Child Hospital, as a gesture of continued support towards the country’s healthcare sector in addition to our previous efforts to continue supporting institutions at the state Government level.

Mr. Muhammad Furqan Uddin, Financial Controller of Adamjee Life,stated during the event, “Heatwaves have fast become a major public-health risk for the citizens of Karachi.

The June 2015 heatwave in Karachi was one of Pakistan’s 10 worst natural catastrophes and in the prevailing weather conditions and the heat health hazards, the people of Karachi are at a high risk of Heat Stroke.

“The Heat Waves year after year are becoming worse with time” said Dr. Muzaffar Ali Odho, DHO Central – Karachi. “Patrons such as Adamjee Life, help us provide the necessary assistance,to preserve everyone’s safety and well-being through Heat Wave ward and the established Heat Stroke prevention camp.”