Abu Ghraib in IoK


DURING the war in Iraq, a series of blatant human rights violations were committed against detainees in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison. The situation is far worse in occupied Kashmir where the whole valley has been turned into Abu Ghraib by the Indian occupying forces.
Horrific details are now emerging as to how the Kashmiris are being maltreated and abused there. According to one account, troops stripped a man naked, tied him up and beat him with rods whilst in another incident, one Kashmir was given electric shocks on the road. Certainly, these embarrassing incidents of torture of all sorts have become a routine in the IoK and the aim is to create a climate of fear. Given the long struggle of Kashmiri people, we have no doubt in saying that India cannot subdue them through such tactics but this will further fuel anger amongst the Kashmiris who are standing as firm as ever to get their right of self-determination from the cruel clutches of New Delhi. The Indian Supreme Court on Monday asked the Modi government to restore normalcy in the disputed territory. It is yet to be seen how Modi implements his country’s apex court’s order but the alarming situation in the IoK really warrants urgent actions on the ground which should not only see release of thousands of innocent Kashmiris detained in prisons but also lifting of all sorts of restrictions including the communications blackout. Fearing backlash over its illegal and unconstitutional steps in the valley, it will be utmost effort of Modi to prolong the restrictions and curfew but it is now up to the international community especially the important capitals to really prove themselves defenders of human rights and use their influence on New Delhi to get the restrictions lifted. India has stoked fire by revoking the special status of occupied Kashmir – something also endorsed by different segments of society within India. Though nothing good can be expected from Modi but before it is too late and matters spiral out of control, the path of dialogue must be pursued by the Indian government with Pakistan and Kashmiri leadership for resolution of this festering dispute. What India must realize is that freedom movements can never be crushed and it is the tyrant forces that vanish and stand nowhere.

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