Abetting suicide and you..!


GRANDPA and Grandma always got very excited when they recalled the old
days they were together. They made a decision, one day to make it “yesterday once more”. They made a date on the riverbank they used to go when they were young.
The next day, Grandpa got up six in the morning, dashed to the bank, picked up a big bunch of wild flowers before sunrise, waited there for his sweetheart to come. But grandpa ended in disappointment grandma never showed up even after sunset. Grandpa went home in such anger. He opened the door, seeing grandma lying on the sofa with her pillow. He threw the flowers on the floor and questioned: “Why didn’t you come to our date?” Grandma hid her head in the pillow and replied shyly: “Do you remember, mom didn’t allow me to go!” “Yes, I do remember,” said grandpa slowly, “I was so disappointed I nearly committed suicide!”
“Thank god you didn’t,” whispered Grandma, “otherwise you would have been dead and I in jail for abetting your suicide!” “Maybe I should have done it,” grinned grandpa, “your mama also would have been in jail for the same crime!” After you’ve laughed your fill, d’ you understand this ain’t a joke?
In our country our police have gleefully realized that suicide is no more an open and shut case, it’s no more about cowards who can’t fight and win, but there’s chances of immediate gratification, instant publicity and no detective work in finding a criminal or making an innocent person a criminal. “What did you say to her before she committed suicide!” “That our relationship is over!” “You are under arrest!” Suddenly youngsters look at each other fearfully. “Dearest will you stay with me throughout my life?” “Oh yes, yes, perish the thought I’ll do anything else! I don’t want to land up in jail!” Police come to a house where failed student hangs from ceiling then they go straight to his school, “How did he do in his exams?”
“He failed!” “Who corrected his paper?” “I did!” “You are under arrest, please come to the police station, you will be in our custody for questioning, then prison!” How are we tolerating this terrible atrocity? Wake up, before it’s too late and you find yourself behind bars: Today it’s well reaching a stage, when any employee, subordinate, spouse or friend can blackmail you, “Promote me or else!”
“Marry me, or else!”Said Grandma to grandpa as they curled up in each other’s arms, “I wonder why the Chief Minister and other political leaders aren’t arrested every time a farmer commits suicide?” “There’s no money to be made there!” said grandpa wisely as grandma snuggled closer.

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