Abdullah Farooqi takes over command in Governors Cup Golf tournament


Muhammad Babur


The 37th Millat Tractors Governors Cup Golf Tournament in progress at the well maintained Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course moves into the final phase after the completion of two rounds.In the second round contested on Saturday,a very talented sixteen year old ,Abdullah Farooqi of Gymkhana Golf Club took over command of the title bearing championship through a marvelous performance that enabled him to edge past the overnight leader Salman Hanif.Whereas Salman Hanif was the youngster in charge at the end of the first round ,he had to face a fierce adversary in the shape of Abdullah in the course of the second round . Definitely Abdullah Farooqi played like an accomplished performer and one could guage in his person an upcoming national player of merit. He was adequately assertive in his hitting prowess and not once did he miss the fairways. He achieved a score of net 62 in the second round and that added to his net 66 of the first round gives him an outstanding score of 128 for two rounds. His lead over Salman Hanif is two strokes as these two hot contenders get ready to face each other in the final round on Sunday.
Though Salman Hanif lost his top position on the leaderboard ,he is still in the run for the title and if he can match the competitive intensity of Abdullah in the final round on Sunday,he could be graded as a favorite for the prestigious title. Impressive ,he certainly was in the second round but missing was the opening days brilliance. He achieved a score of net 68 in the second round and this reflects a good display of skills ,but for him the set back was that his rival was more masterly.Score wise ,Salman has a two rounds aggregate of net 130 ,fourteen under par while Abdullah has a net aggregate of 128 ,sixteen under par .To the consolation of Salman one can say that the battle is on and likely to become stormy and boisterous on Sunday. Other competitors seeking victory are Qasim Ali Khan ,Saad Mehmood and Taimur Shabbir .Their performance has been steady and reliable and scores reflect proficiency ,though they are bunched together in third position at a score of net 135,nine under par.Others in line for honors are Ahmed Nadim ,Imran Mehmood and Danish Javed .They are also together at a score of net 137 and at net 138 are Muhammed Omer Farooq ,Haider Bokhari and Moghees Khan.

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