4th World Nomad Games conclude in Türkiye



The 4th World Nomad Games, where international teams competed in traditional nomadic sports under the motto “We are One: From Tradition to Future!”, concluded in Türkiye on Sunday.

According to the state-run Anadolu agency, over 3,000 athletes from more than 100 countries and regions competed in 13 ethnic sports native to Central Asia in the fourth edition of the bi-yearly festival.

Initially organized in 2014 by Kyrgyzstan, the event kicked off in the lake-side town of Iznik in the north western province of Bursa on September 29.

The athletes participated in a series of different types of hunting sports, traditional archery, horse games and races, wrestling, and martial arts.

Apart from competitions, the event featured many activities to showcase the nomads’ daily routine, gastronomy, and traditional arts.

The organization’s self-proclaimed aims are strengthening intercultural dialogue, understanding, and harmony between the people of the world, and preserving the world people’s cultural diversity in the era of globalisation.—APP

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