4-day Jishni Chitral kicks off after long time

Gul Hamaad Farooqi.

Jishni Chitral 2023 celebration has been started in Lower Chitral district. In this regard, the opening ceremonies were held at the stadium of Government Centennial Model High School. Chitral festival is being celebrated after a long time. This time there will be competitions in volley ball, football, cricket, tug-of-war, polo, naat hawani, recitation and poetry. All the teams participating in the celebration also performed a play march in the stadium in which babies students of the School of Knowledge and Science Singoor presented a beautiful welcoming march with flowers in their hands. While playing the national anthem. all participants! stood up in its respect. Major of Chitral Scouts inaugurated the Chitral celebration by cutting the ribbon. Apart from them, district administration officers, Wildlife Department, Police, Chitral Scouts, Health Department, Civil Defence, Chitral Levies, Tehsil Municipal Administration and representatives of other departments also participated in it.

District Sports Officer Ameer Zaman said that teams from Chitral Police, Levies, Health,Education departments, Chitral Scouts, Civil Defence, Population Welfare and other departments are also participating in the Chitral celebration, which is being celebrated with the support of the district administration. He said that there are nine teams in volley ball, nine teams in football, nine teams in cricket, two teams of tug-of-war and two teams of polo are also participating in which police and levies teams will contested Polo match.. He said that apart from this, there will be competitions in Milli song, poetry, recitation and Naat Hawani.

He said that the main purpose of celebrating Chitral is to engage the young generation in positive activities so that on one hand they remain mentally and physically healthy and on the other hand they can also be protected from drugs and other negative activities. The festival in Chitral will continue for four days. A large number of spectators were present in the stadium who enthralled from these colorful events.