Society needs reconciliation to move forward: Dr Malik


Former chief minister Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik Baloch Thursday said Pakistani society would make progress when the path of reconciliation would be adopted and conflicts would be resolved through talks.

Talking at a seminar held at the University of Balochistan here, he said those societies make progress which hold dialogue and resolve issues by sitting together.

The theme of the seminar was “Creating hope in Balochistan: Sub Nationalism, Development, Truth and Reconciliation”.

He said seminar was held on an important topic and lauded the university for its impeccable effort.

He said youth and political parties needed to move forward through reconciliation.

“Insurgency and other problems will be settled when people will sit and talk to each other and reach an understanding on their different perspectives.”

He was hopeful that unity of purpose would help resolve issues of Balochistan.

Dr Abdullah Gul in his remarks said youth of Balochistan had their complaints which needed to be resolved.

He said, “People of Balochistan should not lose hope as better days are ahead.”

People should be united, organized and active to achieve objectives of Pakistan, he stressed.

He said Pakistan was a strong state and had gained attention of the world with its viewpoint.

Other speakers included Vice Chancellor of University of Balochistan Dr Shafiq ur Rehman, Professor of International Relations Dr Faiza, Senator Anwar ul Haq Kakar, Dr Mir Saadat and Dr Siraaj.