3,990 terrorist incidents occurred between Jan 2015, Sept 2020


Staff Reporter

Interior Ministry has presented the details before the Senate on Friday regarding the martyred and wounded persons in terrorist incidents occurred between January 2015 and September 2020.
In its written response, the interior ministry detailed that the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) is compiling data of martyred persons in terrorist incidents since 2015, however, the statistics did not contain details of terrorists killed in different actions.
The Senate was told that 3,990 incidents of terrorism took place from January 2015 to September 2020. 3,384 persons were martyred and 8,436 people left wounded in the incidents. 1,457 personnel of law enforcement agencies were martyred and 1,927 other persons also lost their lives, whereas, 2,569 security officials and 5,867 other persons were wounded.
In year-wise statistics, 1,139 incidents occurred in 2015 which caused the loss of 838 lives and 1,706 left wounded. 785 incidents took place in 2016 with 804 deaths and 1,914 injured. 668 people were martyred and 2,153 injured in 741 incidents occurred in 2017.
584 incidents took place in 2018 with 517 martyrdoms and 1,256 wounded. 375 people were martyred and 963 injured in 482 incidents occurred in 2019 and 175 martyrdoms and 446 people left wounded in 259 incidents in 259 till September 2020.

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